Follow along with our training videos to learn the basics of Chartio.

Chartio Introduction

Lesson 1: Starting your Dashboard


Lesson 2: Adding Dimensionality

  • Create a chart in Interactive Mode with grouped data
  • Change chart type
  • Set a chart title
  • Set a custom chart color

Lesson 3: Cloning and the Data Pipeline


Lesson 4: Adding a Control


Lesson 5: The Pipeline and Pivot Data


Lesson 6: Datasets and Joins

Intro to Chart Creation

Dive into all our different chart types and learn when and how to use them in your analyses!

Area Chart

Add some depth to your line chart with an Area Chart

Bar Chart

Display grouped data with a Bar Chart

Bar-Line Chart

Get the best of both worlds with a Bar Line Chart

Box Plot Chart

Visualize distribution with a Box Plot Chart

Bubble Map Chart

Plot geospatial data with a Bubble Map Chart

Bubble Plot Chart

Add more dimension to your scatter plot with a Bubble Plot Chart

Bullet Chart

Set some goals with a Bullet Chart

Funnel Chart

Visualize dropoffs with a Funnel Chart

Heat Map Chart

Add some color to your quantitative data with a Heat Map Chart

Line Chart

Identify trends with a Line Chart

Map Chart

Visualize location data with a Map Chart

Pie Chart

The second best type of pie is a Pie Chart

Scatter Plot Chart

Spot relationships with a Scatter Plot

Single Value Chart

Highlight a value with a Single Value Chart

Single Value Indicator Chart

Compare two values with a Single Value Indicator Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

Add some more color to your bar chart with a Stacked Bar Chart

Table Chart

Keep it classic with a Table Chart