Welcome to Chartio! Below are a series of short videos to get you started.

Modeling Data Sources

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Data Sources

You'll learn to define your data source and data model to enable drag and drop analysis and chart creation.

Data Stores

Data Stores are aggregations of your data from one or more data sources stored in the Chartio cloud. The purpose is to enable faster interactive dashboards and data exploration.

Dashboards and Data Exploration

Below are a series of 2 to 3 minute videos to get you started on creating your first dashboards in Chartio

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Dashboards and Chart Building

Prompts and Variables

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Trend Chart

GeoMap and Drill Down

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Data Exploration

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Tables and Conditional Formatting

Dashboard Finishing Touches

Additional Concepts

Create a Funnel Chart

In this video we show you how to create funnel charts using Layers as well as multiple data sources.

Cross Joins for Single Value Charts with Trends

Learn how to create a current period KPI with a trend indicator. The trend is based on a prior period.