Reusable Pipelines

Reusable Pipelines allow you to save a query and its pipeline steps to use as a data source in other charts. Chartio does not store the Pipeline data results; it saves the query or queries and its pipeline steps for reuse across charts.

Creating a Pipeline

From the top navigation, select the "..." menu and choose Pipelines. Click +New Reusable Pipeline.

Using a Pipeline in a Chart

Pipelines can only be used in charts that are built in Advanced Mode.

After you have created a Pipeline, open the Chart Editor to create a new chart. Switch to Advanced mode, and drag


Permissions for Pipelines are based on data source access. If you have access to a data source, you can view and use Pipelines created with that data source. If a Pipeline uses more than one data source, you must have access to all of its data sources to view/edit the Pipeline or use it in a chart. Owners may view, use, and edit any Pipeline.

Anyone with access to a data source can create a Pipeline using that data source.