Dual axis line charts with 3 or more lines

Chartio allows you to create a dual y-axis line chart with three or more lines. This tip explains how to designate which lines correspond to which axis.

Create your line chart with multiple measures as usual. In our example, we're comparing MRR, Number of seats, and count of Documents uploaded per month.

Click on the Chart Settings button, located above your chart preview.

Scroll down until you see the Dual Y-axis checkbox, and check it. We want the last 2 columns to be on the right y-axis, so in Last X Columns on Right Axis, we'll enter 2.

Note: if you want your first column(s) to be on the right axis, rearrange your measures in your query or add a Reorder Columns step in the Data Pipeline.

Click Refresh Chart to preview your changes, or Done to exit out of the settings modal.