Advanced Data Pipeline

The Advanced Data Pipeline allows you to merge and transform any number of layers at any point in the pipeline using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It's essentially a visual workflow for processing data in order to build a chart.

Building a Chart

img: [diagram of the advanced pipeline window]


  • Canvas: the draggable area where you build your chart
  • Nodes: modules you drag onto the canvas to build your chart. Types of nodes include Database Query, Transformation, and Merge.
    • Database Query Node: dragging this onto the canvas allows you to add a new query to your chart dataset.
    • Transformation Node: to edit a dataset, drag a Transformation Node onto the canvas, hover over the output line of the node you want to edit, and drop it there.
    • Merge Node: combine two or more datasets by connecting their output lines to a Merge Node. You may use as many Merge Nodes as you wish.


  • To add a node to the canvas, click and drag it from the left sidebar onto the canvas.
  • To connect Node B to the result of Node A, click the output square of Node A and then click anywhere on Node B.
  • To disconnect two nodes, hover over the line connecting the nodes and click the scissors icon.


  • Click and drag a Database Query node onto the canvas. Click the pencil icon to edit its query. Use Interactive Mode or SQL Mode to build your query. Click Done when finished.
  • Add a second Database Query node to the canvas, and edit its query as before.
  • Add a Merge Step node to the canvas, below your Database Query nodes. To connect your two Database Query nodes to the Merge Step node, click the node output square of your first Query node, and then click anywhere inside the Merge Step node to connect it. Do the same for your second Query node.
  • Connect the Merge node to the Chart node via the same process: click the Merge node's output square, then click anywhere inside the Chart node.
  • Drag any Transformation Step to the canvas, and hover over the line between the Merge step and the Chart node. Drop the Transformation Step node there, and edit as needed.
  • Click Run Pipeline to run your queries and apply the transformations.


  • Click the Preview Data drawer to expand it. Then, click any node in the Pipeline to view its Input and Output data in the drawer.
  • When connecting a node to another, nodes that cannot be connected are greyed out.


Add a dataset

Edit a dataset

Merge datasets