How do I round numbers?

The Add Column step in Chartio's Data Pipeline allows you to perform functions on your data, including our custom functions, standard SQLite functions, and the following math functions:

degrees(), radians(), cos(), sin(), tan(), cosh(), sinh(), tanh(), exp(), log(), log10(), sqrt(), ceil(), floor()

The full list of SQLite functions can be found here:

If you're performing a calculation on your data, you'll often need to round the resulting numbers.

With your chart open in the Data Explorer, click the +Add Step button in the Data Pipeline, and choose Add Column from the dropdown menu. Label your column, and in the formula section add the following:

round("Column name", 2)

Where Column name is the name of the column you'd like to round, and 2 is the number of decimal points you'd like to round to.

Note: if you are dividing columns that are whole numbers, and you want your result to be a decimal value, you will need to convert your values to decimals before the division occurs. You can do so by multiplying by 100.0 or 1.0. For example:

round(100.0 * "Column1" / "Column2", 2)

Click Ok, and you can preview your data to see the transformation.