Setting up Teams for each department within your organization—for example, Sales, Marketing, Support—allows you to easily assign permissions for specific dashboards and data sources to those users as a group. For more granularity, you can separate each department into permissions groups like Marketing Viewers and Marketing Admins, etc.

Teams and Permissions

Teams form the basis of the permissions structure within Chartio. Each user's permissions are defined by the permissions of the Team(s) they belong to.

Permissions can be customized on a per-Team basis for each Data source and Dashboard. Dashboard and Data source permissions can also be granted on a per-user basis, but per-Team permissions are generally easier to manage for larger organizations.

Each organization comes with one default team that cannot be removed: the Owners team. Anyone on the Owners team can grant themselves access to any dashboard or data source within the organization.

To add a user to your organization, you will need to add them to a Team. Generally, it's easiest to group teams by department or permission level, or both.

Access Permissions

Chartio's access control options allow you to specify the access level to data sources and dashboards for Teams and individual users.

Owners Team

The Owners Team is included by default, and has global admin permissions for all account settings. Owners can grant themselves access to any data sources or dashboard within the organization.

Owners can view the full list of dashboards on the organization home page, by selecting Owner view in the sidebar. The full list of Data Sources is available by selecting Data Sources from the top navigation.

As an Owner, you are auto-granted access to any dashboard when you visit it. You are also auto-granted access to a data source when you visit its settings page.

Organization access level
Non-owner Owner
Edit namenoyes
Manage plan, paymentnoyes
Be part of subscriptionyesyes
Create new Teamnoyes
Add new Team membersnoyes
View list of all Teamsnoyes
Edit Team membersnoyes
Add new data sourceyesyes
View list of all data sourcesnoyes
Add new dashboardyesyes
View list of all dashboardsnoyes
Add/edit Data Storesnoyes
View organization activitynoyes
View/edit Embedding settingsnoyes

Data sources

Permissions for data sources can be added on a per-Team or per-user basis.

Data Source access level
Edit Admin
Disconnect data sourcenoyes
View user accessyesyes
Grant/revoke user accessnoyes
View/edit connection detailsnoyes
Re-reflect data sourcenoyes
Clear cachenoyes
View/download query logyesyes
View debug connection pagenoyes
View schemayesyes
Edit schemanoyes
View schema visualizeryesyes
View Data source Activitynoyes*
* must be an organization Owner to view Data Source Activity


Permissions for dashboards can be added on a per-Team or per-user basis.

Dashboard access level
View Edit Admin
View user accessnoyesyes
Grant View/Edit accessnoyesyes
Grant Admin accessnonoyes
Revoke user accessnonoyes
Clone Dashboardnoyesyes
Download Dashboard/Chart datayesyesyes
Edit Dashboard settingsnoyesyes
Delete Dashboardnonoyes
Create new chartnoyes*yes*
Edit existing chartnoyes*yes*
Clone existing chartyes*yes*yes*
Delete chartnoyesyes
View chartsyesyesyes
Refresh chart datayesyesyes
Adjust dashboard variable valuesyesyesyes
Embed a dashboardnonoyes
Schedule a reportnonoyes
View Snapshotsyesyesyes
View Dashboard Activitynonoyes**
* relevant data source Edit or Admin permissions also required
** must be an organization Owner to view Dashboard Activity

Explore Chart Data

If you have View access to a dashboard and Edit or Admin access to all of the data sources used in a chart on that dashboard, you'll see an Explore Chart Data option in the chart menu. You cannot save changes to the chart, but you can edit the chart and save a copy to a dashboard you have Edit or Admin access to.

For more details, see our Knowledge Base article.

Change Access Permissions

Owners and Admins can easily grant, modify, and remove access to dashboards and data sources as needed.

Owners can grant access for Teams to data sources and dashboards.

Any user can grant access to an individual dashboard or data source they have Admin or Edit access to, to any user they share a Team with.

Team permissions

Permissions needed: Owner

From the top navigation, choose , then select Teams to view the list of teams.

Click the name of the team you'd like to edit.

Each Team's management page will include a list of all users, data sources, and dashboards in the organization. This allows you to quickly view the full scope of the Team's access and update permissions as needed.

Owners can add or remove Team members and grant or revoke access to dashboards and data sources all in one place. Search, sort, or filter (by access or Team) to quickly find the items you need.

Dashboard access

Permissions needed: Owner or Dashboard Admin/Editor
Dashboard Editors can only grant View or Edit access, and cannot remove access.

From your dashboard, select Settings in the sidebar and switch to the Access tab. From there, you may add, modify, or remove user access as needed.

Data Source access

Permissions needed: Owner or Data source Admin

To access a Data Source settings, select Data Sources from the top navigation and choose your data source from the list. Switch to the Access tab, and add, modify, or remove user/Team access as needed.

Edit Teams

You can create teams to easily assign permissions to different groups within your organization.

Permissions needed: Owner

To access Team settings, click in the top navigation bar, then select Teams.

Add a new Team

Permissions needed: Owner

From the Teams settings page, click +New Team. Add a name and click Create Team.


Add a Team member

Permissons needed: Owner

From the Teams settings page, find the Team you want to add a user to. Use the text input box to add a team member. Note: if the user is not already part of the organization, they'll need to click the link in the invitation email to create a user on Chartio before they'll be able to access the organization or receive reports.

Remove a Team member

Permissions needed: Owner

From the Teams settings page, find the Team you want to remove a user from. Click the x next to the user's name to remove them. Note: deleting the last user from a Team will reassign all the dashboards administered by him/her to the "Owners" team, and will remove him/her from all the scheduled dashboard report emails.

Remove a user from all Teams

Permissions needed: Owner

To remove a Team member from the organization entirely, click on their username anywhere in the Team lists and click the Delete User button.